Saturday, January 11, 2020

After a sleepless night

Didn't sleep all night until it was far past seven.
I fell asleep, woke up by the alarm just shortly after.
Shower and the whole lot and then I had to give a lesson at the university. Second year medical students.
They had to prepare questions to understand the psychosocial impact of chronic heart disease with the help of a short summary of my files.

As I didn't want to hurry at the side of a cardiologist like last time, I went early, took my time to walk the long stretch, and sat down at the study corner to update my agenda.
Saw I might have missed a meeting last monday. Not sure if there was a meeting planned as I didn't get an invite.

I didn't see any cardiologist to introduce me, but I don't need that, so I went in and started the lesson.
Then the prof came in, made a bit of fun, telling the students I was 'his' most experienced teacher for this subject, smiled and such and went again.
We had a good lesson and I hope they did well with the presentation afterwards.

Came home and was far too tired.

Well, got a proper meal. So that was nice.

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