Sunday, July 3, 2011

Being accepted

After all we went through the past year we doubted if people could see who we are.
We shouldn't have had that deep doubt for one little moment, we found out.

On one of our trips we paid a visit to a buddhist temple and the shops nearby.
I had been to one of the shops before and had a very nice conversation with the chinese owner.
This time there was a woman who turned out to be his mother.

We had a talk about buddhism, commercial buddhism (where you have to pay a lot to learn what was given free a lot of centuries long), and the inner need to be among people who are soft of heart. She smiled in a wise way when I said I often miss this in daily life.
And then we were invited over for buddha day.

We had a good day, I will write about that another day.

Interesting was that they are chinese and I am following the Tibetan tradition.
There was no problem with that on buddha day, however. All sorts of buddhists were present and on the main stage people from all over the world performed.

Then we had to be near the shop a few weeks later and she was happy to see us.
When my son said he needed some incence, she guided him to Tibetan incense and praised the positive effects on the lungs of that particular incense.

We felt like she said that she knew we were Tibetan buddhists, but she wanted to stay in contact nevertheless.

Now we're developing a friendship which is very precious.

I'm happy that the chinese people here are able to accept Tibetan buddhists and love with them and share their traditions in utter respect.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back again

I'm back again blogging here after a break.
Not a lazy one, but one to pull back inside myself.

With so many things going on in my life I found myself trying to live up to the expectations of others and especially of myself.
People were not willing to see my family and me the way we are and after defending us I tried to proof them wrong. Until I realised that by doing so I was not true to myself anymore.

When people have power over others, as they have over us in this case, they often lose care and compassion and they stop truly listening with their hearts.
Even in the "help-business" forcing views and therapies on people is accepted and I wonder if anyone even considered the ethical boundaries of it all. The need to help is greater, much greater, that the actual need for help.

When we tried to proof nothing was the matter and no help was needed, proof we only could deliver through psychological evaluation, it turned out that the registered psychologists didn't want to do assessment in our case. As there was clearly nothing the matter, why assessment?
They were right in their own thinking.
But they left us standing empty handed in front of those who told us to proof nothing is the matter.

People can make life complicated, too complicated.

So I wrote what those people wanted myself, so legally it was written by a psychologist. LOL!

And then I gave my family my total attention again and we lived our lives the way we saw fit.
So I was the good mother I've always been and my kids felt well again.

It's not that a bad story is finished with that. It doesn't work that way between people when one part of them doesn't respect the other part.
But we've got our self-respect back, and that's what's most important.
That we feel happy again, and not influenced by the opinions of others.
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