Sunday, January 2, 2011

Traditional resolution

I don't make resolutions.
I think I don't.

I try to stay in the present, live as intense as possible.

Doesn't that sound as a resolution?

Interesting is that very long ago I wrote down in a diary that I wanted to do something good for someone else at least once a day. Something I wouldn't have done otherwise, or to someone I wouldn't have done something for.

No, I wasn't a member of the scouts or something like that.
I just wanted to become a better person.

Little did I know that buddhism contains something that contains this: metta.

Wishing and doing the best to everyone, including the people one doesn't like.

It's one of the most difficult resolutions one can make, but also one of the easiest.

Difficult, because our society makes us hate people, judge people, criticise people until they're nothing.

Easy, because it makes us stay close to the people we really are: good, open people.
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