Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mindfulness as the new trend

I've seen trend of therapies come and go during the past 40 years.
Very interesting to see what people need in certain times of cultural and economical development.

The past year step by step mindfulness became accepted in the psychological care in The Netherlands, even though people rather call it something else.
The idea that a good way to deal with life has been around for thousands of years and is a way of living for millions of people who would never ever be able to pay for one singles session of psychotherapy is almost unacceptable.

That we've here in the home have been able to cope with a complex family thanks to mindfulness is almost unbearable for those who earn their money...with...say...120 euros an hour.

I've taught so many parents the way I deal with autism that I lost count. Pity I didn't send them bills. I would have had a very large villa with pool, 3 vacations a year, a jaguar and a mercedes, and certainly a subscription to my favorite magazines. LOL!
I'm sure I wouldn't have had to look for the least expensive shoes or search to find donations and sponsoring for my girls to go with school to another country.
OK, wrong choice.

But I've reached far more people and certainly those who would never have been able to afford a psychologist teaching them.
And I would have felt a fraud because buddhism provides everything for free.
(Not our local buddhism organisation..alas!)

Today I stumbled across an article in the Guardian about mindfulness in the UK.
In case you're interested. It's here.

When it's not accesssible anymore, please let me know.
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