Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Martin Luther King Day

It's Martin Luther King Day.
I guess this year there's not a lot spend on bringing this to the attention of the public, because i saw far less blogposts about this special say than the years before.

Martin Luther King stood up against injustice and he changed the world.
He firmly believed that all people should fight for equal rights and justice for all and he would have just as hard a battle today as he had in his own days.

It's hard to say, but today there are many people who think their opinion is of more value than those of others, as many people who look down on others, and as many people who enforce their wants and needs on others.

We've experienced ourselves the past months what happens when people have lost their perspective and let their phantasies about others run freely. To feel dependent upon the judgments of others is a strange experience when you know for yourselves that you're a good family and good individuals.
It's also a very educational experience as we share these feelings with many people in the past and present, all over the world. Black people, Tibetans, Native Americans, Aboriginalsm and many more.

I feel lucky we were able to keep thing into perspective for ourselves. That we felt no need to take the role of underdog upon us.
But the idea that other people consider them better human beings is quite disturbing.

I believe that all people are equal.

And I dream that one day people gain the insight that they have to respect others, have to respect themselves and have to live more in the present to fully enjoy life.
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