Friday, December 17, 2010

Looking into the other garden

We're living in a strange time.

We're watched everywhere, even when we go shopping. It's even difficult to go by bus without a computer traching where you're going in and out.

When all the information is put together someone else can take over your life.

When you travel to the usa you need to give all sorts of information, including your sexual preferences and if you're on a special diet.

It's not only the governments requiring control and information, ordinary people want to posess complete insight in the lives of others too.
"Mind your own business" is not wanted to be said anymore. On the contrary.
When you don't want to know everything about others you're out of order.
When you don't want to share it all you might be a problem for whomever has something to say.

People want to know everything about the lives of others like they have nothing else to do.
In fact, they take the places of judges and condemn others without ever having studied law and without having all the facts a judge needs to know.

Even more interesting.
There are so many people brought to court, because people and society can't rule themselves anymore and have become completely dependent upon the judges, that the judges won't read the files anymore.

It gives the impression that the law acts opposite of how the layman acts. Not because the law requieres that, but because there is so much to do.

The safe feeling that the law protects us is taken away, because good and nice people are convicted by judges who don't care.

When I was still a christian I was always amazed when people said: "God would say that....". And interestingly enough God always said what they thought.
I would always comment: God makes up his own mind. And he doesn't need us to judge, he can perfectly well do that by himself.

My gram used to say that people shouldn't look in the garden of someone else before they had their own garden in perfect order.
I think she was right.

Work on the person you are yourself, set your own standards and leave the karma of others to them.
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