Saturday, December 18, 2010

Buddhism and christmas?

I was asked if I celebrate christmas.

Let's first say that I respect the fact that other people have their celebrations.
Striving for peace within the family and outside the family is never a bad thing.

We're living here in an area where the old traditions are kept, so christmas is more of a festivity of giving hope, that a deep belief that so many years ago a baby was born at a place that was not suited for a delivery.

Because the children go to school and experience many special events during this time of december we've decided not to place ourselves outside of the mainstream, but celebrate with them.
We buddhists use prayer flags and candles and such, so there's no real problem.
In fact, we here smile when we hear about initiatives of hanging leaflets with nice wishes in the tree, as some shops and schools do.

The image of long lines of prayer flags and the silver streamlets in the tree reveals an interesting closeness of symbolism.

Buddhism is noneclusive, which means that we can have our own choice of religion beside the main teachings of buddhism.
So the answer if we celebrate christmas is: "Yes"
At times we have our own symbolism and own interpretations, but none bothers about that.
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