Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blaming someone

We're living in a time where people always seemt o be looking for someone to blame.

Recession? Due to the banks and the governments.
A row? He's to blame?
Cold? It's the weather.

I really had to train my children to losen themselves from the automatic behaviour to look outside themselves first.

When there's a problem, why start blaming someone?
There is almost never a clear cause to a problem. As we buddhists say: there's always a cause for the cause of the cause.

It's far more important to observe how we react and to change the way we react into a constructive way of dealing with the situation.

So instead of trying to find out who's guilty and who's to blame, I want my children to react with dignity and find a proper solution to the problem.
To me it's a kind of self respect.
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