Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teaching children: all people are equal

One of the challenges of raising children to be responsible adults is to teach them that all people are equal.

I've always said that all people are equal, but we all have different talents.

My children have always been able to deal with that without too many questions.
They were lucky to go to schools where diversity was absolutely normal, so when they reached the age they started to read the paper and listen to the news on TV they commented on the way people exercised control over others and looked down on others.

What other children didn't even notice, they noticed.
From that moment on parenting changed a bit, because they realised that compassion and care is lost by many people when they grow up.

The preschool they went to was a special one, where the talents of individual were more important than marching in line.
There was no need to do things to stand out of the crowd and to be noticed, no need to bully someone to feel good or compensate for something else.

Children learned to feel good about themselves and to practice care and compassion for others.
At times they needed care and compassion for themselves, and at times they gave it to others.

No better learning school for eyality between people then at home and at a school like that.
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