Sunday, October 3, 2010

Suffering - concepts

The Four Noble Truths state that:

  1. Life is suffering.
  2. Suffering is due to attachment.
  3. Attachment can be overcome.
  4. There is a path for accomplishing this.

The original Sanskrit word is duhkha. It has a slightly different meaning of the word suffering, even though suffering is the best translation.
There's also an element in it of stressfulness, imperfection, filled with anguish.
One could say it's more descriptive. It states the psychological impact of the fact of suffering in closer detail.

The anguish of suffering is brought about partly by anitya, the overwhelming feeling and knowledge that all things and people are impermanent.

Often used when discussing suffering is the concept of anatman or anatti (Pali) which literally means: "no soul". It means that everything and everyone is interconnected and interdependent in such a way that nothing and no one has a seperate existence.

So there's no need to think of "I", as identity is never a seperate issue. And there's no need to consider things "mine".

At another post I'll go deeper into the meaning of anatman/anatti.
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