Monday, October 4, 2010

Suffering - some thoughts

Critics state that buddhism allows suffering.

Well, it certainly doesn't impose suffering on people like some other religions do.
"All people live in sin, including newborn babies", sounds like doom to me and doesn't do justice to the fact that a child can't have done anything wrong. Especially not when that religion grants a person just one life.

Some say that buddhism is the perfect religion for those who want to be a vitim of their circumstances.
I can't see why.

To me buddhism is not only bringing hope, by pointing out in the 4 Noble Truths why and how suffering is caused, but also by providing a way out. Not by some magical performance, but by adjusting our lifestyle by the Eightfold Path.

In clear and comprehendable language we're told how we can adjust our lives to feel better and to escape from suffering.
We can work on this every day, so there's no need to dwell too long on the fact that we're suffering.
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