Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dharma knows many translations and has many different meanings.

So when you're part of a group you'd better follow the meaning the group gives. Otherwise misunderstandings will be created.

But for others the main meaning of Dharma is something like preventive skills.
In daily life we can prevent problems and negativity and we can prevent the development of the negative side of our consciousness.

We can do so because in buddhism we are responsible for ourselves and our own mind.

The more we are aware that all living beings are interconnected, the more we live with care and compassion, the more we try to be grateful and full of joy, we will be able to leave negativity aside.

What happens in life can ofcourse be seen as obstacles, but when we see them as invitations to learn and to make positive changes we are able to transform problems into something positive in our lives.
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