Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Attachment - concepts

There's a slight discrepancy between the original word Trishna, which is literally translated by thirst and which means not only attachment, but also desire, clinging, greed, craving, or lust.

Attachment follows from not accepting that all things and people are impermanent and are not seperate. To seek permanence we cling to people, things and ourselves.

Dvesha is a concept which belongs to this too. It means avoidance, hatred. To want things to be separate from us we're also trying to escape from the deep truths of life: that everything is connected.
We intensily try to make clear we're not connected to something or someone, and by that we cling to the connection.

The reason we cling to things, people, thoughts is not fully understanding the impermanence of things: avidya. Ignorance or the refusal to see.
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