Thursday, October 7, 2010

All people are equal, except...

Isn't it interesting that most people agree that all people are equal, but when you give them the chance to speak freely they place themselves aside from that rule.

There are so many exceptions that it is as if there's a special race/class/level to this society.
We don't have a proper name for this people yet, but they're sure more than others, as they suggest.

I have the luxury of not feeling that way.
I don't think I'm more than others, or better, and when I look int the mirror I know I'm quite average on the outside too.

Strange thing is that I respect some people so much I almost place them above me, but then the voice of my grandmom pops up saying that these people too have to eat and are naked when they're undressed.

This week I've dealt with many people who think they're better than others and I find myself struggling with the fact that it makes me feel very uneasy.
At times I almost want to proof myself I'm just as good as they are, but I've left that area of behaviour a while ago.

There's one battle to be fought inside.

The person who really stated in words, knowing what he was saying, that his opinion counted far more than mine didn't get a hand when we left.
I couldn't answer the outreach, as his hand looked dirty and his eyes like that of a statue.

I don't shake hands with statues.
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