Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Accepting feedback

Accepting feedback on behaviour can be very difficult.
People often think that criticism on behaviour says something about how good or bad they are as a person, whereas in fact feedback is meant to accentuate the good in a person and eliminate the bad.
When the person wgho gives feedback doesn't believe in the good of the other he won't give feedback.

When someone wants to give feedback sit down and free your mind.
Lsiten well, try to understand what is said, summarise and if needed ask for more information.
It's also nice to show appreciation for the effort taken. The other offers a learning moment and a way to improve yourself.

It's up to you to do with the feedback what you want. So why not take it positive?

It's kinf od natural to defebnd yourself, but refrain from that.
take a close look.
Do you recognise the way the other describes your behaviour, does the other need extra information to reach another intrepretation?(be careful with that, because he might feel criticised or not taken seriously).

Ask for alternative behaviour. "You said you thought that I didn't listen to Karin. Can you tell me how I can show better that I'm listening to her?

Try to be honest about how the feedback affects you and what you're going to do with it.

"I understand you saw behaviour indicating I didn't listen. I don't agree. I did listen. But next time I'll sit down and tell het to sit down too to create a more listening situation.
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