Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who's done that?

People in our society are very driven to find the person responsible for an unwanted situation.
Who's guilty?

It's seldom that a person makes a choice all by himself to do evil to others.
Most of the time there are "circumstances" that led to the acts of someone.
So nothing is caused clearly by the act of someone, there's also a mix of other causes.

In Buddhism we say these causes can go a long way back.
For instance: 
  • someone doesn't behave well beause he hasn't learned properly how to behave
  • that's because his parents didn't have enough time for him because they had relationship problems
  • these were due to the fact that they never had a proper home when they were young
  • that's because the fathers worked hard and were often drunk
  • that was because their parents moved into a neighbourhood that was unsafe, with lots of violanece
  • that was because the father was fired because he couldn't live up to the expectations anymore because he got ill from working in the mines, 
  • etc etc.
 That places guilt in a completely other contexts doesn't it?

The question about who is guilty is not a proper one.
A better question is how we deal gracefully with a situation and how we are able to prevent it in the future.
With other words: it's a learning experience and there lies a duty to learn from it.

Ofcourse buddhism doesn't allow crimes.
And the laws of the country are always to be followed.
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