Thursday, September 23, 2010

When I meditate

I've been asked when I meditate.

Interesting. Not why,but when.

When I wake up I like to take a bit of time to be silent and let the day arrive.
I know it was already there, :), but it has to step into my life.
Often I need to be quick and organised for the children, so they'll be at school in time.
But when they have left I take some time to be silent and bring myself into a calm and peaceful mood.

I express my gratitude for being alive and my gratitude for having another day to practice to become a better being.
I remind myself how.

During the day there are often a few minutes to set myself straight into the person I want to be.

And in the afternoon there's almost always time enough to meditate about a subject.

Before going to bed, however, people will consider what I do as real meditation.
It's the only moment of the day I certainly won't be disturbed by anyone or anything.

To me, meditation is not about moments and time, however.
The way I live is changed from whirling around, not paying attention at all, or doing things mindless, as fast as possible, to devoted attention to what I'm doing this very same moment.

Ofcourse I have to prepare meetings and such. So I have to think about the past and future at times.
But when I slice a carrot I'm slicing a carrot.
I try to keep my attention to the moment and I do whatever I'm doing the best I can.

Some call that meditation too, others call it meditative mood.
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