Friday, September 24, 2010

a wannabee buddhist

He was in a shop nearby the Tibetan shop I like to go.
He was dressed in all sorts of red and yellow, walked on open shoes, and smiled.

For a while he stood looking at the small buddha statues, then turned away and walked past a couple who were discussing the meaning of some statues and figures on printed card..
They suddenly turned to him and asked him for the meaning of a print of the white Tara.
He gave it a glance and told rather unkind: "I am a buddhist. This is not a buddhist print."

The shopowner walked to them quietly and told the couple to wait for a moment.
The "buddhist" walked away and then the shopowner told about the meaning of the white Tara.

It's a pity there are so many wannabee buddhists.
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