Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Their loss

To my regret I can't afford the courses at the buddhistic centre nearby.
I would have loved to follow them, but alas.

So I thought I'd spend the time I would have used for studies to be a volunteer at the centre.
It was kindly rejected. Maybe I should learn more about buddhism.


Not one question was asked how much I know about buddhism.
About what kind of person I am.

So I guess I have to prove myself as a buddhist.
And in this centre I have to do it through following their courses.
(I guess this is a western approach?)

But how can I do that without money?


All those circles in life that keep people enclosed.

It's all business and money, isn't it?

So I gues that's not the place to be.
There's one other buddhistic group in town, but their meetings are out of town and they are....too expensive, Yes.

Well, let's smile to the Dalai Lama on the wall here, and turn towards my online group.

For those who are interested.

When I was young I studied buddhism with a group of dear friends here in towm nd elsehwere.
We didn't ask much, we just accepted gladly the teachings and tried to live according to what was taught.
I don't remember writers, I don't remember any names anymore.
But I can study lamrim (again) and see what I don't know yet.

Before becoming a meditation teacher I went trough thorough training by a monk.
The fact that he allowed me to guide groups through meditation in which he at times took part himself says something, doesn't it?

Well, when people consider themselves more without really knowing me, I simply say nothing and move on.

I'll share my journey with you, with compassion for those who entered my life.
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