Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Meeting a buddhist

Today I went to a meeting and I just before I left home the girls arrived from school.
Ofcourse I wanted to hear about school, so I sat down, listened, and then hurried to the busstation.

I was already on the bus when I noticed I'd taken a small mala with me. It was still wound around my wrist.

I forgot about it.

On my way home I had to wait at the central busstation. The temperature was very high, and I carried my cardigan and coat over my arm.
Now everyone is back from vacation the waiting area at the busstation was crowded and all the benches were taken.

I was staring over the square when suddenly someone called: "nice mala".
I turned and looked into a pair of dark brown eyes.
"From one buddhist to another... you can sit here, I have to go."

The smile he gave me was heavenly. I should have been able to wrap it and take it home.

He moved aside to create a place for me.
"Thank you. I thought you said you had to go?". I smiled back and was a bit concerned he'd forget to take his bus.
"Yep, in 10 minutes. I never tell lies", he laughed. "I thought that otherwise you would have said "no".

Yes, he was right. I always try not to be a burden and give everyone enough space to live.

We talked a bit and when the busses arrived we went our own seperate ways.
I think I'll meet that guy again.
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