Friday, September 17, 2010

The last one on the shelf

Last week I went to the shops to get groceries.
With a small list I went past the shelves, trying to find something my autistic son really loves a lot.

When I finally found it there was only one left on the shelf and a man took it before I even reached my arm out.
So I turned and wanted to walk away.

I saw he'd seen the small dorja I was wearing as a pendant.
But I didn't think anything about that. Just registered it.

So I turned away, but he called me. Smiled and handed me the item. "For you".
"No, you keep it. You were there first."
"Please give me the opportunity to be a bit caring. Please take this from another buddhist."

He smiled again and for a moment we stood there silent.

"Thank you. You've made two people happy: me and my son, who absolutely loves this."

"Nice way of multiplying", he laughed, and said his goodbyes.

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