Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In need and karma

I've often heard stories about people who really needed something and got it at their deepest moment of despair.

Like that couple that had a small child during war and had to flee their own home.
They took food and water with them, but ran out of all of it.

After a while the breastfeeding started to diminish and the baby started to lose weight.
All seemed to be lost. And on top of it, they were lost too.
Somewhere in a wood. They didn't know where to go.

They hoped to find some food. Maybe berries, maybe something else. But it was too early in the year.

At last, too tired to go on, they sat down at the side of a small road.

A car passed, but it didn't stop.
Another one and another one.
They dozed off, expecting nothing.
Then the car of a backery passed. Even this one didn't stop.
But when it was almost out of eyesight  something fell off.
It was a loaf of bread.

More cars passed, but they were too bussy to eat the bread.

Then they fell asleep and would have died because of the cold.
An old farmer, on his way home, saw them and went to see if they were still alive.

He took them with him.
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