Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daily meditation

Some people consider it strange that buddhists meditate.
They fully accept christians to go to church and pray at home.
But meditation? That só strange!

There are all sorts of meditation. In fact, many christians consider prayer a form of meditation too.

Even within Buddhism there are different ways to meditate.
But why daily?

Because daily meditation creates routine.
The time is made available each day, and that creates both a habit and a need.
And these make it easier to start meditating.
So you're helping yourself.

Most often meditation takes the form of deep thinking about a subject.
Maybe brainstorming resembles the process in part.
Mediation is without clinging to the values people often use when they regard things.. and feelings and thoughts.
When you don't condemn yourself for less wanted thoughts, don't praise yourself for clever thoughts, and don't fall in utter amazement when you think things out of line, you're far more free to let your feelings and thoughts stream.
The consequence is that you can gain insight you'd never will attain when you're thinking in the train.

That is to say.
Someone who is well trained in meditation can meditate everywhere, because they can reach that state of mind without any problem.

Daily meditation brings about changes for the better, not only in your thoughts, but also in you as a person.
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