Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Connected to your past

Living in the here and now doesn't mean the past isn't part of your life.
It's your life's history and the way you live now is the consequence of the lessons you've learned in the past.

Some people tell me they can't concentrate on the present because they have had too many bad experiences in the past.

One of my teachers used to say that in that case your lesson has been presented very often and you haven't learned it yet, or you're so strong and such a good learner that your lessons follow each other very fast.

When you use the past as an excuse for not focussing now your tied with hands and feet in the past.
This shows the way you deal with your experiences.
Ask yourself:  Why is this experience so very important?
Are you longing to that time? Or do you long to change what happened?
Longing causes suffering.

When you're compassionate for yourself and others you're able to let go of the past.

You have to, otherwise the present will be lost.. all the time. :)

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