Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anger, can you do without it?

Anger is one of those emotions that has nothing to add to your life.
It consumes energy, makes you feel bad and makes you see the world as a bad place. Even distrust and stomach ulcers can be a consequence.

People can pamper and cherish their anger and make it grow so large that they do things they would otherwise never do.

It's important not to feed your anger, but let it go away.
There are several ways.
Feeling compassion with the person who caused anger is one of them.
Being aware that you are the one who keeps the anger alive and who allows it is another approach.

To let it go away first admit that you're angry and then observe it in a mindful way.
That means that you are honest to yourself and accept the anger as part of yourself.
Then observe it without critical thoughts.
What has caused those feelings?
What can you learn?
Maybe you need to redirect the anger to create change for the wellbeing of others.
Otherwise let it flow away.

Dealing with anger requires practice.
In the end you'll be able to realise you're angry sooner and thus you'll prevent the worse forms of it, or you'll reach the realisation that you are the creator of anger yourself and you won't react that way.
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