Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My mala arrived

It seemed only logical to start a new blog about my path on Buddhism the day my mala (strain of prayer beads) finally arrived from Tibet.
So many things are coming together during the last weeks, so many bad things are happening.

It's like the good and the bad in people clash right in front of my face, after I witnessed a beam of lightning right in front of me a few weeks ago.
Don't worry, I wasn't hurt by that force of nature even though a lot of electrical equipment was down and broken by it.
It has made a lasting expression and it will never disappear from my mind.

A few days later we had bad, hurricane like storms, with forceful fallwinds, before unknown to this area of the world.

It's a time of tremendous change in my life.
I expected to move to Scotland, but instead I was planted on another path of life.

Not an unfamiliar path, as I've been spending a lot of attention on Buddhism during my university years. I even gave meditation classes.

But when I was caught up in life, married and got children, I didn't see myself as Buddhist.
The Buddhist in me, however, never disappeared. It found it's way, made me de mother I was, made me the person I am.

And then, suddenly, I saw an article about mindful parenting and suddenly I knew.

The pieces fell together and I smiled.
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