Sunday, August 29, 2010

Looking for a money tree

I hate to talk about money.

I've always lived from a bit.
No car, no posh house, no expensive clothes.
Now the children are almost 15 or older they tell me they're very happy with their youth, because I was almost always at home.
We didn't have much money, but we had lots of love and attention for our children.

I'm happy they see it that way. That they're content people and are aware that a nice label on your clothes doesn't make you feel warmer in the winter.

Because we were able to say "no" to many nice things we never were in debt.
I was so grateful for that.

But the recent attack on our family resulted in a few bills of lawyers with a total of 1500 euro!!
And buying things we wouldn't have bought otherwise, like new clothes for the courtcase and traintickets, made the gap between having and needing even larger.

I'm so worried.

Friends tell me to relax, that we'll solve the problem, but it doesn't feel good.
This makes the injustice even bigger.

So I'm looking for a money tree.
please warn me when you see it growing in my back garden. LOL!
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