Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eyes feel like home

When I meet people who practice care and compassion I feel graceful, respectful and my words are kind and soft, and everything in me smiles.
The best in me surfaces and this creates a great calmness and happiness.

Having experienced the mild and peaceful behaviour of these people has made me more aware of other people and their ways of behaviour.

More and more I sense a kind of agression in people who have a different way of approaching people,
They want the world to be the way they think it should be.
They want to enforce their way of being on others, and even when their mouths speak words of respect,
the hollowness of the word in the way they use it is reflected in their eyes.
They don't smile.

They're not curious, they're not enjoyed, and they don't smile like those of my buddhist friends.

The eyes of my buddhist friends look into the world like they say: "Hej, happy to see you here too, let me see, who are you?"
They feel like home.
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