Sunday, August 15, 2010

death of a baby

When my second baby was born, and died a day later, I was pulled through time by events which went by so fast, that we hardly had the time to celebrate life itself.

My worst fear was that I would never ever remember her face again.

But I did.
And then I realised how much her soul had touched mine.
How much she gave to me in those few hours and during the years I also realised she had given me much more.

No teacher could have taught me better than that small lovely baby that death belongs to live itself.

When one says that all souls, all spirits, all beings belong together, it also means that those between lives stay with us.

And that's what I have experienced through the years.

My little lady had a message to the world and she left it for us to find it.

She taught me that I'm not afraid of death.
And that we have to accept what happens in our lives, that we have to let go of the pain, to be able to be in touch with ourselves again.
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