Friday, August 6, 2010

Comments are welcome

During the past years I didn't have much time and opportunity to discuss my life with friends and those who mean well.

To compensate for this I tried to find moments of quietness, mainly before going to sleep, and I used them to get rid of all those emotions that put people down, burden them, and take me from what I feel is the inner me.

These moments of relaxations and turning inward became beakons in time, and when confronted with a situation that would certainly feed my bad emotions, like anger and irritation, I would stand still and just grasp that inner silence, before going ahead.

It would enable me to keep just enough distance to think, to reflect on what was going on, and to make sound decisions.

Now the children are either grown up or in their teenage years there's finally time for me to find new friends, visit old friends and find those who can teach me more.

So, comments are welcome.
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